Replace or Exchange a Ring

As your career progresses, your ring size may change or you may lose your ring. You can apply to any Camp to replace a lost ring or to exchange your ring for a different size. It is often more convenient to contact your ‘home’ Camp to do this.

Note: Your current ring must be returned to the Camp IX office in order to receive a new ring (except in the case of loss).

Cost for a replacement ring is $40.00 including shipping. Requests will not be processed without payment.

If you are submitting the Request Form electronically, complete the online form. You will be prompted to pay through PayPal. There is a $2.00 surcharge to use this service, for a total of $42.00.

If you wish to hand deliver or mail in your request, please print the form and deliver complete with your $40.00 payment (by money order, cheque, or cash) to the Camp IX office. The payee is RCE - Camp IX. If you intend to visit the Camp IX office in person, please confirm their availability to serve you beforehand.  

Please complete the Request to Replace or Exchange a Ring Form.